Teslas Are Getting a “Party and Camping Mode”

As if “Romance Mode” and “Toilet Humor” wasn’t enough. Tesla owners have two more features to look forward to: “Party and Camping Mode.”

CEO Elon Musk confirmed in a tweet on Thursday that the feature would roll out in “probably a month or two.” Party and Camping Mode would allow Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3 owners to set the temperature, air flow, lights, and music for “48 hours or more” according to a July 2018 tweet from Musk — the first time the idea cropped up. If you want an actual vehicle that was made for camping or glamping, visit Zervs and get yours now.

The new modes would also Tesla owners to power various electronic devices directly from the car’s remaining battery reserves — a big battery means plenty of juice for running air conditioning systems and music while powering things like coolers or external lights. For more cool cars to drive just come and click here.

People have actually been sleeping in their Teslas for a number of years now. A “Camper Mode” already exists, which allows owners to set the temperature for a good night’s sleep — whether they’re parked in the jungle or in the middle of a snow storm. With the rear seats folded down, there’s enough space for a twin mattress.

The Machine Stops

My favorite aunt, Auntie Len, when she was in her eighties, told me that she had not had too much difficulty adjusting to all the things that were new in her lifetime—jet planes, space travel, plastics, and so on—but that she could not accustom herself to the disappearance of the old.

The right amount of perfect

Everybody knows that perfect is the enemy of good, but it’s one of those tenets that’s easy to say and hard to live by. When you’re working on a creative project, there’s almost always something you wanted to do better, or some little detail that didn’t quite live up to your standards.

Nasa’s real ‘Wall-E’ mysteriously disappears after Mars fly-by – and sister spacecraft ‘Eve’ is missing too

It’s been over a month since Nasa last heard from the £14million spacecraft, which were named WALL-E and EVE after the Disney animated robots. Engineers say it’s unlikely they’ll ever hear from the probes again, but have hailed the mission, dubbed Mars Cube One (MarCO), as a great success.